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Media release: Competition launched

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3…2…1…We have liftoff!

Media release 24 August 2022.    Finland’s Most Startup-Friendly Company competition.

A company must choose a partner better than itself – Now we are looking for the most startup-friendly company in Finland.

Talented startups are sometimes funneled by big companies into heavy sourcing and risk management processes.  The cooperation process can be slow, complicated and the end result unsatisfactory.

Startups and large companies are culturally different.  Finland’s Most Startup Friendly Company competition offers a peer forum and a Toolkit, which help cooperation to run smoothly.

– A large company should choose a development partner more agile and innovative than itself, for example a startup company, says Tommi Uitti, one of the founders of the competition.

The goal is to enable companies of different size categories to participate in the competition.  In the competition, two categories are opened for participants: the category of leading corporations which (besides Finland) are operating internationally or globally, and the category of large companies which are more concentrating their operations in and around Finland.

Finland’s Most Startup-Friendly Company competition is the most important open learning platform for cooperation between large companies and startups in Finland.  Different industries have the opportunity to learn together how to utilize startup companies in product development and innovation.

– “The competition has been a good tool for us to analyze and develop our own startup operations,” says Erik Kolehmainen, representative of 2021 winner Metsä Spring.

Finland’s leading companies have participated in the competition, including  Kone, Konecranes and StoraEnso and Telia.

SHIFT Business Festival brings to the fore breakthrough innovations and cooperation between different industries and large and small growth and startup companies to save the world, so this year’s competition will be opened at the SHIFT Festival.

The competition is scheduled to conclude before the SLUSH 2022 event. A separate session will be held for media to witness the announcement of the winner.

More information about Finland’s Most Startup-Friendly Company competition and for signing up:, or contact organiser Juho Rissanen.

juho, 046-9514133