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2022 competition finals and Toolbox Workshop held in Tampere

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The Finals – Tue 29th November 2022, @Crazy Town, Tampere


9.00 Start with coffee

9.20 Brief introductions: competition participants + how competition pitches go + today’s agenda.

9.45 Most Startup Friendly Company in Finland, Future Vision and Toolbox. BrainStormCorner and Tampere Startup Support Association.

Concurrent program in the morning (two separate spaces/rooms):

10.00-12.30 Mini-seminar happens in the common space. Those finalists who are not pitching at that moment will be participating in the mini-seminar.

10.30-12.30 The competition finalists’ pitches happen in the meeting/pitching room.

The exact content of the pitch is chosen by the competitor. Especially, please convince us that you have made significant progress in startup cooperation in the past one year, and intend to develop a lot in the coming one year and beyond. Your past contribution in the Corporate-Startup Cooperation Toolbox workshops is already taken into account in the evaluation. You can still get an extra point in today’s workshop (held in the afternoon after the pitches) or by exhibiting willingness to contribute towards future workshops in 2023.

10.00-12.30 Mini-seminar @ Common room (concurrently with the pitches).

10.00-10.30 Winner of The Most Startup Friendly Competition 2021: Actions and the vision

10.30-11.00 Corporate Startup collaboration presentation

11.00-12.00 BREAK: Free time for rest, calls, work etc.

12.00-12.15 Partner presentation: Crazy Town

12.30-13.30 Lunch together, discussion, sponsored by Tampere Startup Support Association (Tampereen startuptukiyhdistys).

13.30-15.00 Corporate-Startup Toolbox Co-Creation Workshop at Crazy Town.

We take a brief look at the contributions accumulated in Toolbox Workshops in 2022. Then we focus on the topic of Communication in Corporate-Startup Cooperation. Finally, conclusion of this workshop and next steps for 2023.

15.00-16.30 Afterwork event. Sponsored by BrainStormCorner and Tampere startup support association (Tampereen startuptukiyhdistys).

The Most Startup Friendly Company in Finland 2022 winners will be announced during December.