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The Most Startup Friendly Company in Finland award has been given every year since 2018.

Why? In innovation activities, the best ideas are often born outside – and the most competitive companies know this! Startups offer opportunities for new radical or incremental innovations to improve productivity.

In 2018, the world looked bright. The Most Startup Friendly Company competition was then developed for a current need. How can a large company work successfully with startups and avoid the worst pitfalls?

How? There have always been many opportunities in the cooperation between large companies and startups, but also risks, which have become complaints from both directions. For example, startups have not appreciated the slow and difficult procurement process of large companies, the heavy contractual and other obligations, and the risk of being completely out of business.

From the perspective of large companies, startups can be unpredictable and even difficult partners. Often, the cooperation of a large company with startups could lead to disappointment, despite high expectations.

Differences in company sizes and resources make cooperation difficult, but with the right operating culture, learning from others, and understanding of the best practices, the probability of success can be significantly improved. The Most Startup Friendly wants to improve large companies’ understanding, know-how, and appreciation of startups.

Who? The winner of the competition has been chosen annually since 2018, and it was established by the Tribe Tampere community. The competition was founded by Tommi Uitti and Vesa-Matti Ruottinen, and the first prizes were awarded at the Subcontracting Fair (Alihankintamessut).

Since then, the competition’s organizing team has continued to be found in the startup community, and the community’s support has been very important for building the concept of the competition. We have seasoned experts in the jury evaluating the startup-friendliness of companies, and a wide corporate, startup and partner network developing The Most Startup Friendly national cooperation. BrainStormCorner in cooperation with Tampere Startup Support Association (Startuptukiyhdistys) are running the current organisation.

Take action! Take part in the competition, bring in your contribution, and get to know the true power of startup collaboration! Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Tommi Uitti, co-founder & Juho Rissanen, project manager




Link list to news about the Competition:

Metsä Group is the Most Startup Friendly Company in Finland 2022!
Metsä Group on Suomen startup-ystävällisin yritys
Metsä Group palkittiin jälleen vuoden startup-ystävällisimpänä yrityksenä

Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa was awarded with an honorary award

Finland’s Most Startup-Friendly Company competition 2022 is on! SHIFT Reconnected Over 800 People in Turku.
Kauppalehti: Metsä Group palkittiin startup-yhteistyöstä.
Metsä Group awarded as Finland’s most startup-friendly company in 2021.
The 2021 Finland’s “Most Startup – Friendly Company” Award is Underway!
Alihankinta 8.12.2020 The most Startup-friendly Company Award ceremony.
Stora Enso Finland – most startup-friendly company 2020, an honorable mention for Fortum.
Fortum and Valkea received an Honorable Mention in the Most Startup Friendly Company 2020 Competition.
Stora Enso awarded as Finland’s most startup-friendly company.
AlihankintaHEAT 2018: Stora Enso – the most startup-friendly company in Finland in 2018.

Juho Rissanen

Tommi Uitti

Support team